Oath was created to help you live sustainably and begin your journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle. The past few decades have seen a rise in our careless consumerist society, where we take all products for granted and never consider the repercussions after we cast them aside.

Our Mission

We want to change how people consume and improve the way products are manufactured and shipped. It’s our mission to reduce waste and help people live a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle.

We follow a zero-waste and plastic-free philosophy and can teach you how to refuse, reduce, reuse(repair), recycle, rot(compost) and go completely package free to help create an eco-friendly environment that everyone will benefit from.

In a perfect world, we would want everyone to refuse spending money on things they don’t need. We want to create a society that produces zero waste and minimizes its negative impact on our planet – after all, it’s the only planet we’ve got.

How We Help the Environment

There are two things that Oath focuses on:

  • Providing you with zero-waste alternatives
  • Helping you on your path to living zero waste

If we want to reduce the amount of waste and protect our environment, we need to start at the production process of our goods. It’s of utmost importance to us that our products are eco-friendly and developed responsibly and sustainably.

Therefore, we buy everything directly from the source, ensuring products of the highest quality at the lowest prices. Besides creating eco-friendly products, we also try to ensure we have zero waste, biodegradable packaging for our products. This includes packaging used for shipping.

Lastly, we want to change the way you think. Teaching you to consume less and to be a smart consumer is our goal.

Going Zero Waste

It’s not just about eco-friendly products, however. Zero waste living is a process, and it takes great effort to achieve it.

Oath is here to guide you on your path to sustainability. We want to keep you educated on the zero-waste movement, help you change your daily habits and behavior, and help you live better by consuming less and wasting less.

We’re Doing What Other Businesses Are Not

Many businesses and corporations have become notorious for their careless, wasteful ways. For them, it’s about profit, not about social and environmental responsibility.

At Oath, we care about you, the people we sell to, and about the environment. Most of our profit goes into R&D to develop more sustainable products. We’ve also partnered up with local charitable organizations to ensure a better future for all.

For us, transparency is key. You will know exactly where our products come from, gain insight into the whole supply chain, and see the complete ingredients list for every single item.

We’re a member of Zero Waste Canada and we’re on the road to a zero-waste certification.

It’s About You

We cannot make a difference on our own. Every one of us needs to try and improve our lives and our planet.

Join the zero-waste movement and help us build a sustainable planet.