Shipping Material

We firmly believe there is a serious problem with the way products are shipped. Bubble mailers are a plague. Poly mailers are just as bad as plastic bags. Bubble wrap and Styrofoam are terrible. And no one seems to care. At Oath Essentials, we care. That’s why all of our products are shipped in biodegradable, compostable, natural Kraft paper envelopes. We use water-activated paper tape and cardboard “bubble wrap”. Large items are shipped in re-used boxes or boxes made from FSC certified cardboard. Most of our shipping material is made with post-consumer content. All of it is manufactured in the USA. Here are the details of what we use: 


Rigid Mailers

These rigid mailers are made with 100% recycled paper, of which 90% is post-consumer content. They can be recycled and will biodegrade in your compost pile. Kraft Envelope Info Sheet 


Corrugated Bubble Wrap 

Made from 100% recycled cardboard. If this exists, why does anyone use plastic bubble wrap? Corrugated Bubble can be recycled and will biodegrade in your compost pile. Corrugated Bubble Info Sheet


Corrugated Boxes

We try to reuse boxes as much as possible. But when we need a custom size or we run out of second-hand boxes, we use these. 100% recycled cardboard, of which 95% is post-consumer content. They can be recycled and will biodegrade in your compost pile. But we recommend you re-use them and keep the cycle going. If the box rips, just tape it up and keep going. Cardboard boxes should never reach a landfill. 


Water Activated Tape

Our non-reinforced water-activated tape is stronger than conventional pressure sensitive tape. It uses a corn starch adhesive and will easily biodegrade in your compost. It can also be recycled. You can send packages the Eco-friendly way too. Click here to go to our supplier’s website. 


Bamboo Toothbrush 

We ship our bamboo toothbrushes in a small Kraft board box. They are made from FSC certified natural Kraft paper board. They will easily biodegrade in your compost and can be recycled. The toothbrush is not wrapped in anything. We believe simple is best. Find product certifications on the product page here.


Silk Dental Floss

We don’t use any packaging for our silk floss. It comes from the manufacturer in a cardboard carton. No plastic wrap or bubble wrap. We ship out floss in a kraft paper envelope. There is very little protection for the steel tube but most arrive to their destination without damage. Find product certifications on the product page here.


Stainless Steel Straws

Our straws are shipped without a box in a corrugated bubble, as mentioned earlier. Secured with water-activated tape. There is no point in having a fancy box that will just be thrown away. 

The corn starch adhesive may end up stuck on the straw. It comes off easily under running water. Find product certifications on the product page here.


Shipping Labels

Our shipping labels are made from recycled material and are curbside recyclable. They also utilize Recycle Compatible Adhesive. Just cut them off of our envelopes and toss them in your blue bin. 


Vote with your dollars!

If you want sustainable products, you must vote with your dollar. The more we sell, the less it costs to produce. Eventually, with your support, we can produce all of our jars and packages with recycled content while retaining the price point you want. WE will be able to innovate more and create new products using new materials that are better for you and the planet.

This is true of any sustainable company out there. If you only buy sustainable, zero-waste products then they will eventually become less expensive and will be adopted by the masses.